hello again or for the first time!

Hello! I welcome you to my new website. It's a step up and forward from my previous site, fancy templates and all.

While going through my old calendar dates, performance photos, posters etc,  I was overwhelmed at all the places I've had the pleasure to travel to in my 15 years on this grassroots musical highway. 2014 brought me to Europe, a long-wished for dream come true, which went very well indeed. 

Some of you have been along from the start, while others I've only just met. To all of you. I am honored to be able to share my songs with you, and always strive to be true to my soul's voice. I THANK YOU for the ears to sing to, the faces to behold, and the gift of your time.  My community is the world, as I sing one song at a time, with love in my heart for each and all. 

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