Dream of Goats

Jean Mann

in her 4th studio release of alt-folk americana chanteuse songs, jean's new songs break your heart, then put it back together again, better than before.


JEAN MANN www.jeanmann.net

"Jean Mann is a very special talent!” - Cyndi Lauper “I love your voice and music!” -Jacqui Naylor Top 12 finalist - Lilith Fair NW Talent Search 2010

Noted alt-folk indie-pop singer songwriter, Seattle-based Jean Mann has a lot to write and sing about. Having toured extensively since releasing her first album, blossom (2000), this innovative, self-taught performer shares her soulful, lovely and gritty-honest tales woven through the voice of an angel. Her vocal prowess, combined with eclectic instrument playing (de-tuned acoustic 6-string and tenor guitars, harmonica and ukulele), results in the homey, intimate feeling of sitting around a kitchen table with close friends.

Jean has released four albums since she began pouring out her world in song, beginning September 1999, the very day her mother passed away. Along the road of that life-changing event, came more life, love, a stolen vintage Gibson guitar and enough broken hearts to fill a country western album. A cache of beautifully arranged songs and an empowered voice emerged through it all.

Her second release, seasons, (2004) blooms with musical story-spinning and brought her to Brendan Hill (Blues Traveler), who produced and played percussion on the project. In September 2009, ten years after she began her musical journey, Jean accomplished her longest road tour to date, circling the perimeter of the U.S. (10,000 miles), performing 22 shows in 5 weeks, drawing from her entire catalogue, including her third album, daisies and fire (2007). A whirlwind tour boot camp for Jean and a tour mate, and her faithful road dog, sunny. daisies and fire boasts such guest players as composer Wayne Horvitz and was featured on Seattle's public radio station KUOW where Jean was interviewed by Dave Beck.

Jean has headlined at many Pacific Northwest festivals, played iconic rooms such as Yoshi's lounge in San Francisco, the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, and CBGB's in New York. She has opened for national acts Peter Himmelman and San Francisco-based Blame Sally. She has garnered fans the likes of Cyndi Lauper and jazz sensation, Jacqui Naylor. It's no wonder. Jean gains hordes of happy ears wherever she performs her lilting musical prose, whether solo or as a duo with fellow multi-instrumental musician, Bill Corral. Jean and Bill share a camaraderie that for the past seven years has evolved into one of those rare musical partnerships that is at once intimate and light-hearted. Bill has engineered, recorded, co-produced and played a multitude of instruments on Jean's two latest-released albums at his Seattle recording studio, froglips.

Jean Mann is a truly soul-quenching force in today's independent music scene.

In spring 2011, Jean will begin touring in support of her newest release, dream of goats. To bring her to your living room or back yard for a HOUSE CONCERT, contact Jean via www.jeanmann.net

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