what a year brings

Yesterday was my birthday.  I've been thinking about the incredible year just passed. June 29, 2014-June 29 2015:

I was graced with another day, another year, a chance to write another song (20+ this year to be exact)

I booked and completed my first European music tour, from which bloomed many lovely friendships.

I experienced deep love and deep loss, and have learned to appreciate the gifts found within each.

I performed in french, in a packed grotto-esque jazz club in Paris, France.

I celebrated twenty years living at my cottage, the place where my creativity began, and continues to flourish. 

I, with two others, formed a music trio - ukuleles and women's voices, using both in ways that collectively transcend the solo.

I learned what authenticity in friendship is, and to participate fully. 

I climbed 653 sprirally, dark stairs in a cathedral in Koln, Germany then traversed a bridge of love locks ...in awe.
Also in Koln, played a pub gig, with a makeshift upside-down chair as microphone stand... duct tape saved the day.

I walked away from people I needed to, and came back to others, ever revering the idea of, "a relationship is a very long story."

I gained ground in my music and self-confidence.

I sang in a wonderful Turkish Cultural Center in Ghent, Belgium, having booked the gig with no common language between us. 

I learned to ask for and accept help. 

I made up new recipes.

I rode a bicycle in The Netherlands, amid Autumn wind so sweet.

I learned that I am a teacher.

I had side-splitting laughter and anguish I never thought I'd outrun. 

The stuff of life. Gratitude. Wonder. Love.

I am a lucky girl, to continue on my little road trip of life. 


just getting the hang of how this blog thing works... thank you for your comments. I look forward to sharing more. love, jean
Thank you for sharing your beauty . . . you make my whole body smile.
I like being a first responder;-) What a lovely blog posting Jean. Here's to you...Happy New Year!

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