this mosaic life

Several years ago, I was having "crafty time" with my soul-sistah Debbie on our annual Oregon Coast gals-get-away.  
I was wiring colorful beads into a necklace, as she refashioned thrift store plates and other broken goodies into beautiful mosaic art. I started thinking about the reinventing of oneself (or putting a broken self back together) and wrote the song, "Mosaic" that weekend. 


Maybe we continually reinvent ourselves, every time we look at something in a new way, create a new story by picking up a pen, a guitar, (or ukulele!), and certainly when we meet a new person and share our story and learn theirs.  This is what much of my songwriting is about. Where I am and how I interpret the story in that moment. 

Yesterday, I was looking at this sweet porcelain knick knack, a remnant of my mama's collected treasures. (She used it for safety-pins I think) I love that it reminds me of her every time I look at it. But this time I looked closer, to see that it had been broken and glued back together.


I picture her mending it, perhaps played with by one of her seven children as a teeny-tea-party...or a stray dog-tail wagging by, knocking it to its demise. The image of her literally picking up the pieces, (wondering where she found the time, with us wily seven underfoot...) and the crinkly smile upon accomplishing the task, feels a little like this new road upon which I embark. Healing myself, patiently putting the pieces back together, mending anew.



thank you for your response to the words, lorraine. indeed it's not all happy trails that lead me here. but some certainly lined with daisy posies. they combine to create a full life experience and fodder for my chosen art expression. or the art that chose me.
as i read the beginning of your comments they seemed like sweet, nostalgic memories replayed ~ but your last sentence of this essay seems to imply that you have experienced something that needs repairing but to the reader (in this case, moi) one wonders if that something has been painful or ? or perhaps it's just me misinterpreting and reading something dark into your desire for just a joyful reinvention! (alors, you did suggest i make a comment!) i did enjoy your 'very jean' writing style! now you may press 'delete.' xoxolf

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