starting again for the first time

Today, Dec 2, 2015 I begin working with a nutritionist. The goal: significant weight loss and overall heath overhaul. 

I thought a nod towards more writing might also be a good practice, sharing some of the process, or not. We'll see. If you know me, you know I'm pretty passionate about food culture. That is, cooking and coming up with interesting dishes, and sharing recipes in my funny conversational way. What I've deemed to be Healthy while reaching for a touch of decadent. Like life...

I have tried this (blogging) in the past, but not in this way. And the weight loss? Yes...many times, starting when I was a kid, kinda sad about that really. My middle name could be "Yoyo" (the popular toy-cousin of Yoko). Mostly, what I've done is post tidbits on FB that probably could be considered "blog entries" I just never let them land as so. Well, I like that this will get me away from that popular time suck for a few minutes, and into quiet focus. 

The mosaic altar is lit, sunny (dog) is nestled in behind me on the couch, and well, the rest I'll make up as I go. 

Thanks for reading. - jean


Thanks for all your comments, folks! Loving the process (the writing too!) cheers!
All sounds great Jean - how bout hiking Seward park when the sun peeks out again.
Hey girlie!! I have been studying and practicing clearing energy blocks and I might be able to help you on your weight loss journey. Let me know as I can do it remotely, so cool!
thanks for your input, T'Kat! And a perfect beginning to the theme of clarity. xo
Me, too, what Katy said. And it's already better!! YAY!
thank you, Helen. Another journey begins. Or continues... Miss you! xoxo
A toast to your good health and increased energy, Sweet Sister! XO

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