drinking the sea

This week, introducing some new nutrition savvy into my routine, I sat down to an early morning candlelit breakfast of plain Greek yogurt with cherries, cinnamon and a hefty dose of almonds, accompanied by a cup of tea and big glass of water. Nice, right?


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...the glass of water is sporting a "generous pinch" of sea salt, as suggested by The Nutritionist (we'll call her Anne, as that's her name!) I physically shudder with each gulp. To me, it tastes like I'm drinking the sea, which ebbs and floes back to my worst body-surfing, water-in-nose childhood memories. Anne chuckles a little when I describe this, and says, "The sea salt is useful for detoxifying, has natural magnesium electrolytes..."  and that's not a bad thing, yo? So I do it. But now, I put the dab o salt on my tongue, and wash it down in the flow of the clear clean water. WAY easier, and naturally makes me drink more water. 

Another much happier memory at waters edge is sparked this morning:
It's around 1996.  I'm sitting on the beach at Marrowstone Island, WA with my mama. Along with the gourmet picnic goodness, I've packed a set of measuring spoons. The goal: to find the exact sizes in seashells, (by filling the teaspoons with sand, then carefully filling the shells.)  Picnic finished and "sea-spoon" mission happily accomplished (with great conversation and stillness between us), they are to this day one of my favorite memories of time spent. 
seasalt spoon

Bonus, I get to use the 1/4 tsp shell each day as I make my new Anne-prescribed morning elixir: Hot bone broth, vinegar, coconut oil and seasalt. Yes, it takes a little getting used to, but I love that I'm starting to love it. A new ritual for the good of flesh and bone. 

Did I mention my tiny vintage refrigerator? Good thing it's cold enough for the extra jars o broth to be stored on the porch. 
tiny fridge     jars and angels

There is a new look to my kitchen these days.

Yes, adorable 1930's Magic Chef stove and enamel treasures... But who ever thought I would be making Bone Broth and Ghee?
Not me. I'm up to the task. I LOVE to cook from scratch when I have time, so this is right up my "farm wife" alley.

And OH! The Ghee is AAAAMAZING! Heavenly scent of nutty toasted butter.

I feel brave in a way, this purposeful shifting of mind and palate (and culinary palette!).
I've decided to let my patience breathe, the way I sat on the beach that day, drinking in the sea (air), waiting for just the right shell to float into view. 



Thanks for that savvy bit, Helen! Knuckles packing a punch, yes! ☺️
The more knuckles brewing in your broth the better! :0). XO
Hey Cap'n Ran, We could all use a little more minerals and goodness in our lives. Look how happily we've embraced Omega 3! Wild salmon- thank you very much! Thanks for reading.
miraculous J and absorbing the seashore's salt to boot. i wonder if anyone else will climb on to these concoctions embracing them the way you are! but, arrgh, capn ran

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