Amsterdamsel in no distress

Hello from Europe!

I had a very special experience last night in Amsterdam, going to a local mans home, invited by my home-host to play a few songs for him in his flat. 

He has advancing MS and getting less mobile by the day. Aged 50 now, he grew up in the roughest part of Glasgow, with a large flock of siblings. Had been a political activist all his life until this affliction. (Think 15yr old Scot, jumping in the water to prevent nuclear weapons-carrying ships from proceeding...) 

We set this up spontaneously this eve. She called him and said,  "since you can't get out to hear music, the music is coming to you!" 
I told him this was my "first official European concert" of the tour. 
After I played a few songs (including my song "lucky", telling him it was written in gratitude of growing up on lake whatcom (in Bellingham, WA), we said goodbye. 

On the walk back to her lovely canal-view flat, my friend thanked me, told me this is the first time in over 10 years he's heard live music, and definitely the first time in his home. 

It is a moment I'll never forget, walking among the canals of this special city at midnight

I am lucky indeed. This is what I'm meant to do.



Thanks so much for playing for my friend William, Jean. It was really special!
Bless you!

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