...the dawn of a fat-happy Solstice

Happy Solstice from the little kitchen that could...

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A girl and her extra weight, blood-work, and food journal walks into a nutritionists office. The nutritionist studies everything carefully and says "you need to eat more fat...." That's it. It's not a joke! This actually happened.

Really?! I keep questioning this crazy notion that eating MORE FAT will help aid in making me become less, you know, puffy. 

Okay, so it's not all willy nilly, "go eat a stick a buttah" ahem...

The skeptic in me is tying to let go of a lifelong pattern of thought. 
HOWEVER...There's this little voice creeping in asking, "But just how successful has the weight loss been while consciously cutting out fat?"
I thought it would have to be food torture (for this culinarily creative lass) and 'deprived of this, and plug your nose while you eat that!'

As it turns out, this is the PERFECT, easily integrated way of cooking and FUNctional eating for me. This may be old news to the more nutritionally savvy, but turns out the fat is

1) absolutely necessary for improved function/processing of nutrients and BEST of all (for me) 

2) satiates the body (and brain) to the tune of "Sugar? Who craves sugar??"

You read it here. This was almost instantaneous with me. I stopped craving sweets. The true test is that it's December, the land of treats-ville and sugarplums fighting for my attention from fahncy chocolates, soirees, and holiday "stuff" (the good and the challenging) And nada...

I can't even explain it. I eat some fruit, but even THAT, which is my usual GO TO dessert when I am trying to avoid sugar, is mostly sitting there, going, "HELLO!? What about us?" 

Still trying to grasp the connection, but now I get the difference in trying to have "will (or won't) power", and not even giving this much thought. Believe me, the latter is a much happier place to be for me. No shame, no guilt. It's truly freeing.

In theory, I'm operating on the 80/20 practice. As in "treat your body like a temple 80% of the time (with what you consume), and allow yourself a little goody-ness 20% of the time.  This may shift, as I'm only 3 weeks in, but I'd say it's more 95/5.... And that 5% is largely because of difficulty in eating away from home, i.e. Meeting pals for dinner etc... you know, the wonderful social "stuffing" of life. This isn't me being all groovier than... I just eat what I want. Wow. Never even written that out loud....

I'd bought a pair of these beautiful, handblown glass dessert goblets at a thrift store (I know, SCORE!) before starting this work, and there they sat on the shelf, waiting for the chocolate ice cream, which would look totally beautiful in them.  

So I decided, Why wait? Today, I plopped my breakfast yogurt, berries, nuts into the bowl, and it definitely tasted like a festive little party. 

A side note: One of my old vintage storage jars broke, but not the lid. As I am queen of repurposing/upcyclying, I held onto it, knowing it would be put to some good use or art project. Here is the new life: Nut chopper missing a lid, meet your new hat. Yay!


I'm having fun, and can already feel a wee hint of feeling better (energy level), clearer, more focused. I remind myself this is about the overall health, and not just "drop a bunch o LB's".  The road to better health doesn't feel so dark today. I welcome Winter.


yes, beerwoman, you make a good point. This is after careful testing, forms, questionnaires and communication with my nutritionist that points this direction for me. Thanks Marilyn. xo :)
Fun article sharing your pursuit to better health and all that means for you. It is different for every body. Look forward to upcoming articles and inspiration. :)
Who knew? You're a writer, too.

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