on moving through the world


I went to play music in a Thanksgiving gratitude/fundraising yoga class


pink hats, music and conversation


At the close of my concert Saturday night, (January 21 - also the day of the March for Women) I had my first direct encounter with a DJT supporter. I walked away empowered and felt that a conversation had begun.


Amsterdamsel in no distress


Hello from Europe!

I had a very special experience last night in Amsterdam...


now is the winter of my content(s)

I was raised in a drafty, idyllic home along the shores of Lake Whatcom in Bellingham, Washington. 
It wasn't fancy. We were a family of nine plus several pets, stuffed into way too few rooms. 
It holds incredible, joyful memories for me. 
Confession: I was a messy child...

...the dawn of a fat-happy Solstice


A girl and her extra weight, blood-work, and food journal walks into a nutritionists office. The nutritionist studies everything carefully and says "you need to eat more fat...." 


drinking the sea


This week, introducing some new nutrition savvy into my routine, I sat down to an early morning candlelit breakfast of plain Greek yogurt with cherries, cinnamon and a hefty dose of almonds, accompanied by a cup of tea and big glass of water. Nice, right?



this mosaic life


Several years ago, I was having "crafty time" with my soul-sistah Debbie on our annual Oregon Coast gals-get-away.  
I was wiring colorful beads into necklaces, as she refashioned thrift store plates and other broken goodies into beautiful mosaic art... 



starting again for the first time


Today, Dec 2, 2015 I begin working with a nutritionist. The goal: significant weight loss and overall heath overhaul. 

I thought a nod towards more writing might also be a good practice...


what a year brings


Yesterday was my birthday.  I've been thinking about the incredible year just passed. June 29, 2014-June 29 2015:

I was graced with another day, another year, a chance to write another song...


hello again or for the first time!


Hello! I welcome you to my new website. It's a step up and forward from my previous site, fancy templates and all. While going through my old calendar dates, performance photos, posters...